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July 2016 KT2I am currently doing my Master of Science in Health Communication through Boston University. Through this program, I have been introduced to a whole new world: social media. Oh sure, I post up embarrassing photos of my kids to Facebook like everyone else, but who knew there were so many other tools out there!

I am a freelance editor here in Toronto. I have a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and biology from the University of Toronto and a certificate in publishing from Ryerson University. I worked in sleep research at The Wellesley Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto for many years. Once my kids came along, I worked from home as a freelance writer in mostly the health and science fields before studying publishing and moving into the field of editing. Although I do edit the full gamut of publications, I seem to have settled quite nicely into the medical and scientific editing niche, especially journal articles.

I have always seemed to have one foot in the publishing world and one foot in the science world. I won both the English and the Biology awards in high school. I had a regular column about high school life in the local newspaper during my high school years and I wrote for the campus newspaper during undergrad. It seems like destiny that I would be drawn to medical/scientific editing, which brings these two worlds together.

I am a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, the Council of Science Editors, and the American Medical Writers Association. I have a very unnatural attachment to my AMA Manual of Style, CSE Scientific Style and FormatChicago Manual of Style, as well as the dozen or so other style manuals on my shelf. I have five shelves in my office dedicated to dictionaries, style guides, editing books, handbooks, manuals, and so on. Oh, editors do collect and cherish their dictionaries and style guides!

What else have I done besides edit hundreds of journal articles? Let’s see…I was a judge and a chair for the Toronto Book Awards for three years. I started a book club where we are reading through the BBC’s Big Read Top 100 Books. We are more than halfway through the list! I volunteer at my kids’ schools and libraries as much as I can. I have chaired book fairs, organized author talks, coordinated a Reading Buddies outreach program where kids help younger kids to read, and designed a project using QR codes on library books and linking them to student video reviews. I try to do yoga a few times a week. But, really, my greatest accomplishment is my two boys. They are truly my pride and joy.

Why this jump into the world of blogging? After so many years of editing, I have managed to pick up a thing or two that may be of use to other editors or writers. Also, the world of editing today—and publishing in general—has become so detached because so many of us work freelance or telecommute. I have worked for years for a number of journals and have never actually met anyone there! It would be nice to have some “co-workers.” We may not physically work together, but let this blog be our watercooler.

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you learn something and I hope that you come back to visit often.


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